Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprises

My first valentine

I made it through yesterday pretty well, all things considered. These lovely flowers from my dad came in the afternoon and were so sweet I had to share. Even though it looks like the roses on the card were a part of the design, they are actually the entire bouquet that I photographed and layered on top of the image in multiply and soft blend modes in Photoshop. The somewhat vintage effect was acheived using Topaz Labs BW effects plugin.

OWP badgeAnother lovely surprise was in store as I checked my flickr page and learned my photo of my daughter-in-law leaping into my son's arms last week was the daily one word project feature over at Shutter Sisters for Valentine's day. This was super exciting for me.

It was also ironic considering that I first discovered Shutter Sisters on the long drive back home from seeing him off, exploring the whole website over the 13 hour drive home (while Katie drove, of course!) I immediately bought their book Expressive Photography as soon as I got home. One blog led to another blog and then another, and here I am with my own and a new community of friends and creative cohorts who inspire me daily. It seems so appropriate that my first time being featured on the sisters' site was the happy resolution to the situation that lead me to them in the first place.


No linky linky for me today. I'm just a tad too busy and got some much needed catch up sleep last night. Until later, hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. A full circle moment for sure :) Congrats.


  2. What a beautiful photo...I loved hearing about your Shutter Sisters story!

  3. Beautiful surprises for a beautiful person! Well deserved, I might add. Congratulations!

  4. What a gorgeous rose from your special father! and a beautiful story of your son, daughter-in-law, and Shutter Sisters. I admire your tenacity and dedication to keeping your blog up daily!! It may not totally feel like it now, but you deserve the best, my friend.

    This is such a wonderful photograph, so filled with emotion.

  6. Congrats on the Shutter Sisters feature - well deserved!!!


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