Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wildlife Wednesday


Today's Quotography challenge coincides nicely with World Bird Wednesday as the theme is "Wildlife."

I'm not very good at identifying birds, but maybe someone from WBW will stumble over here and help me out.

This image is cropped quite a bit and Topaz Labs' Detail plug-in helped sharpen it up nicely. Even though I was using my 300mm lens, I couldn't get that close.

I loved this quote because it really speaks to what a lot of artists and writers go through as they interact with other talented people. We compare, we wonder if we can hang with the big dogs or are destined to lurk around the fringes. Since beginning this blog, I've come across so many talented people and its easy to get down on your own work by comparison - especially after looking at it so much you are sick of it.

Sometimes, I do wonder if the song I have to sing artistically is lovely enough to warrant hearing, do I have anything unique to add to the melody, or if I'm hitting such an embarrassingly sour note that I should just keep my big beak shut? (Please note, I'm not fishing for compliments here, but I would like to hear if you identify with the feeling).

Lately, I've been struggling with feelings of not being "enough." Don't get me wrong, I think my self esteem is fairly robust and I know I bring a lot to the table no matter the endeavor. But, is it enough?

When your gift (whatever it is you have to give) isn't appreciated, or it is criticized, ignored, its value questioned, or is cast away as if it had no real value, how can you not ask the question? "Is I...enough?"

It is nice to know that I'm not alone in this. It is this exact feeling that prompted Tracey Clark of the Shutter Sisters to start the "I am Enough" collaborative project. I plan to spend some quality time with her site and read the essays there. I could use the boost.

Speaking of boosts, here is a timely post at Creative Spiritual Women for those of us struggling with feelings of "enoughness". Thanks to Deborah Tisch for introducing me to this blog. There's lots of good stuff there.

Also, when I start to feel like this, I try to remember SWSWSWSW, which came from blogger/singer/entreprenuer Christine Kane in her essay How Not To Take Things Personally. Those letters stand for, "Some Will, Some Won't, So What? Someone's Waiting."

It is comforting to think that maybe someone, somewhere out there is waiting for ME. Someone is waiting for the words that only I can write, or an image that speaks to them that can only come from my personal vision, to receive the kind of love I have to give, or the friendship I have to offer.

Some of those people exist in my life right now and I don't mean to dismiss their value to me, AT ALL. And yet, I admit, I still struggle with taking rejection personally. It feels awfully personal, you know? It is the "so, what" part that I struggle with the most.

This morning, I woke to an email from Ali Edwards, kicking off the February "One Little Word" assignment and just in time. Having completed my January project rather early in the month, I was itching for some hands on time with my word.

As I ponder my word "calling" and explore exactly what that means, I am still unclear as to how this will all unfold. That is as it should be. After all, if I had answers to this question, I would have chosen another word.

It is only February 1st after all, so I shouldn't really be all that concerned about my progress. But, there have been a couple of pretty big setbacks that have filled me with self doubt. Maybe this will get me turned back in a forward looking direction.

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  1. I've not "known" you very long LeAnne, but you are truly so talented, and more than that, a kind spirit. I am going to guess my Friend, that you are indeed enough.

    1. Thank you Lisa...and I'd rather be known for a kind heart than anything else, so that means a lot. Just having a low day.

  2. I'm glad that you are enjoying Creative Spiritual Women! There are days when I read her posts and think she has looked inside my head and knows what I need.

    The struggles you describe here are mine, too. Some days worse than others. Lately I have been so grateful for all the friend connections in my life, either in person or online. Each brings a bit of sunshine and hope especially on those days when I don't feel like I'm 'enough'.

    I have to add your writing and photography to my list of those things that help lift my spirits. Thank you, dear friend!

  3. Thank you. I agree about the kindred spirits I've found here. I am so grateful for all the encouragement. It means a lot right now especially.

  4. I love your photo of the female Northern Cardinal Leanne and the quote is so inspiring. Everyone goes through hard times. I believe that you must always be true to your own heart. I also believe that we create every moment of our lives and that our choices create our reality. I don't take anything personally, ever.

    1. I sure thought it was a cardinal....the males are much more colorful obviously. There were some males around that day but they wouldn't sit still long enough for me to photograph them.

  5. A lovely bird and photo. And I love the quote you chose, it really is an inspiration. THanks for sharing, have a great day.

  6. I have "seen" you on a few blogs I've visited lately so wanted to drop by and meet you :). I read this post, and then read your "about" you a fellow INFP I recognized you right away in what you wrote (smile). I have (and do) go through those feelings and thoughts you expressed. It can feel like a real battle sometimes, so it helps me at times to remember that part of how I think/feel is part of the profile of an INFP - helps me be a bit less subjective....
    Your photography is stunning, and I am so glad I have found you - I definitely am going to follow you so I don't miss a thing!
    p.s. Love your word "calling" - I am older than you and still wrestling with that myself!

    1. Takes one to know one, right? So glad you stopped by and introduced yourself. And, you are right...sometimes it is just helpful to remember that some of these feelings derive from my personality traits and I can better figure out how to work my way out of it.

  7. Lovely little female Cardinal!

  8. Cardinals are our state's bird and I always think that the male Cardinal's get most of the photo shares, so I was thrilled to see your wonderful female image! She is wonderful and I really enjoy taking their images too. Your quote was inspiring as well~


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