Saturday, March 17, 2012

Above and Below

above and below

With my back issues, I'm already a bit behind on my "Two Takes" challenge. The first prompt encourages us to shoot from different perspectives: above and below.

There are two weeping cherry trees that flank my driveway and when they are in bloom, they are magnificent. Unfortunately, this show only lasts for a few days and I almost missed the chance to photograph it because I was laid up.

This morning, I was feeling significantly better, although I still feel strain in my lower back when I'm up walking around. But, I felt a little bit back to my normal self, making a public spectacle of myself laying in the wet grass by the side of the road and chasing bees around the trees.

There many good shots in this bunch that will keep me busy processing for awhile. I probably got to the trees in the nick of time as we are expecting rain today, and the petals were already falling from the branches with the slightest wind or movement.

Looking on the ground below the tree, I spotted some petals that had fallen to the ground with some lovely shaped dew drops. I thought the clover was a nice tie in to St. Patrick's Day as well.

I used my Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D lens , and lots of post processing help with Topaz Adjust 5.

My son is home again this weekend and we are planning a "mommy and me" day so I better get a bath and get moving. Have a great weekend all, and thanks for the many get well wishes.

I used a closer crop of the clover to create this little Paddy's Day greeting for you!


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