Friday, March 9, 2012

Shouts and Whispers


For Photo Art Friday, I have two images to share with slightly different processing. I'm also combining today's challenge with this week's Beyond Layers prompt, which is themed around the word "whisper."

As it seemed appropriate, I used Topaz Labs Adjust 5 "whisperly" filter. For texture, I used Bonnie's "Lover's Lament" scripted texture and Kim Klassen's "The Veil." The primary difference in the processing lies within the Photoshopblending modes I used on the "veil" layer - soft light for the lighter flowers and exclusion for the dark flowers.

Obviously, these are Bradford Pear blossoms and they are white. But, something struck me when I tried the exclusion blend mode and the flowers turned black.


Perhaps its just the reverse of the expected that seemed to match up with the quote.

When we are blessed, happy, and life is good we naturally want to praise God for it, and we should. It is true that all good things come from God. But, I think we often overestimate what God is saying to us in the good times, as if our blessings are some sort of A+ on our metaphysical reportcard. We tend forget that "He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous" (Matthew 5:45).

It our response to the sun and the rain that makes all the difference.

Never have I felt closer to my creator than in the dark, painful times of my life, and over the course of the past couple of years I've learned that when I force God to shout to get my attention there is an important message about what He would have me do with my life and pointing out where I've managed to go off course.

Never have I been further from God than when I was chasing after some sort of pleasure, be it material or physical, looking for something outside myself to fulfill the spot where God belongs. It is in not getting what we want, that we are guided to what we need.

Bonnie challenged us to "hide" something in plain sight in our photoart this week. I don't have anything hidden or embedded in the image. The whole of it - the quote, the chosen textures, the image processing all come together to express something personal and meaningful to me. And, yet I believe that there are bits that are still hidden even to me.

I can really tell that I missed my retreat this quarter, and I'm so looking forward to my next one.

This has been an odd work week for me with my two vacation days and an unexpected work from home day yesterday due to a busted water heater. Maybe God is telling me that I should save my money for emergencies and not squander it on dishes! This mini-disaster has put my weekend plans up in the air now. Oh well, at least it is Friday. :)

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  1. Beautiful work.

    Regards and best wishes

  2. Your edits and thoughts are just what I needed to see! Love your processing.

  3. These are wonderful. Your subject material is beautiful and the words are so fitting. I liked seeing both versions very much. I'll have to admit that I like the White version the best. Thanks for sharing.

  4. both images are absolutely fantastic!

  5. Beautifully edited LeAnne! I especially like the first version. Thank you for sharing with Photo Art Friday.

  6. Very lovely image and choice of text. CS Lewis is a favorite. And, yes, if we only listen. Thanks for sharing. Karen

  7. Taking another look...visiting from Beyond Layers and commented on Flickr.


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