Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Heaven's Ambassadors

i love birds

Today's Quotography challenge is "spirituality" and since it is also World Bird Wednesday, I combined the two to come up with this offering. It seems appropriate as I do feel a connection to the divine when I'm focused on these winged creatures. These Downy Woodpeckers were captured during last week's walk in the park.


As I write this, I hear birds chirping to one another outside my window. The first thing I noticed when I woke in this house for the first time some fourteen years ago was the sound of birds singing. The song they sing is of spring time, new beginnings and hope.

Fourteen years - that's the longest I've ever lived in one place in my entire life.

Cars and people noise were all I heard in the morning for years in the apartments where the boys and I lived. We moved here because the area was getting dangerous - just a mile down the street from the boys' grandparents. It isn't exactly the country life, but the area is somewhat rural.

Rarely are we all under the same roof now my own little birds have flown the nest. It has been good to have both my guys here for the past few days. Adam left just a moment ago to be with his wife who is going to school in Knoxville and will be returning this weekend.


Hump day is my Monday this week as it is back to work for me after a nice four day weekend. The weather was incredible yesterday and today looks good as well. I'm hoping to get back to the park and maybe catch some more birds.

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  1. So beautiful! Lovely pictures. Greeting Torunn.

  2. A wonderful post LeAnne. I loved your Quotography. I too feel a sense of closeness to the Creator when I am photographing nature & birds. I would love to live in a rural place and hear the birds singing each morning... bliss!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Exquisite shots!
    LOVE the editing of the first one!!
    It is in the 60's here today and I opened the sliding glass doors to the deck just off the room with my computer. I've been listening to the birds singing and my hubby came in and asked if I heard the cooing. I stopped to listen and heard the doves. The last four years of retirement have been a joy.

  4. Wonderful images of a lovely little bird...

  5. Great quote and I love the woodie photos. Thanks for sharing!

  6. One cannot beat the cuteness of Downy Woodpeckers too much...splendid images~

  7. "My friends are my estate."
    Emily Dickenson
    Emily, birds, and people to share them with? That is heaven!

  8. So jealous of your bird pics! They are all sooooo great! Springtime is definitely in the air here in S.W. Pennsylvania. Our temps will be near 70 today! Yay!

  9. What lovely photos...I also feel closest to God when I'm out and about in nature. Gorgeous images! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Stunning! Your photography is absolutely beautiful.

  11. Very few sounds are as nice as sitting outside listening to the songs of birds. I really love how you put the photo and quote together. I have downys in my yard and could watch them all day.

  12. Just beautiful, LeAnne! I love that last shot! Gorgeous!

  13. Beautiful shots of the Downys LeAnne! I especially like the first photo. That pose exposing the underside tail feathers is one I don't believe I have seen before.

  14. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  15. GReat shots of the downies! I love these little woodpeckers.


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