Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing with Pink


Today's Texture Tuesday theme is "pink" and pink is just everywhere these days. My pink dogwoods are blooming now and I am going to get some shots of them later this morning.

This shot of my neighbor's pink lilac shrub was another capture from my morning walk. I masked out out the background using Topaz Labs Remask plugin. What an awesome tool this is! It certainly makes creating textured botanical pieces a whole lot easier.

Topaz Labs offers great webinars and tutorials on their plugins. If you have any Topaz products, you need to make time to watch their videos. I learn so much every time. I'm sort of a jump in and start playing kind of person, and while I learn a great deal through my mistakes and doing things the hard way, there is a point where a good solid tutorial is needed to gain proficiency. I love to play with an application or plugin for a while and then watch the tutorials. I've watched this one on the Remask plugin more than once.

For texture, I used Kim's newest "Be Still" and also "Happy Heart", with various Topaz manipulations and multiple Photoshop adjustments.

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  1. Lilacs are my favorite flower...this one is so pretty in pink:)

  2. This came out beautiful. So delicate and "spring" like.

  3. Pink is my favourite color and I'm so excited to study all these wonderful pink pictures :) Your shot is truly beautiful ♥

  4. great photo and photo processing . . . and I'll have to admit I have never seen a pink lilac!


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