Friday, March 30, 2012


weeping cherry

For today's Photo Art Friday, I chose to combine a photo taken earlier this month and edit it with Topaz Simplify (Watercolor) and add Bonnie's newly released "Antique Farewell" texture.

I loved the sight of these cherry blossoms drifting down to the ground, but most of my shots were blurry. Sometimes the painterly effect can cover a multitude of sins.

We have also been discussing adding frames to our images over at Beyond Layers and I practiced the techniques shown to us by Kim in this image, although the effect is quite subtle.

It has been one heck of a week in terms of sheer busy-ness, and you can probably tell that from the brevity of my posts. The weekend promises to be full as well.

In fact, I doublebooked myself during several time slots tomorrow, and had to choose three things out of six that were in the offing. I chose to go to my writing class, get a massage, and a ladies night out.

I decided to take a pass on a photoshoot at the botanical gardens with my photography group, a blogging seminar, and a dinner invitation that sort of fell apart on its own anyway. Sunday, aside from church, I'm staying home.

It may seem like I like to go go go all the time, but I'm really not that way at all. But, I do suffer from what Christine Kane calls "FMS" disease. The acronym stands for Fear of Missing Something.

There are just so many opportunities to learn, and do, and they all sound great. But, honestly, I'd rather be home puttering around the house and playing with pixels. I sign up for stuff, or commit to activies then wish I had more free time. But, as soon as I get some, I fill it up again.

This is something I've got to work on. I'm just finishing up a nine week class/support group based on Henry Cloud's book Boundaries I've had the book since its publication in 1992, and have read through it a few times already. When the class was offered, I decided it was a good time in my life to revisit it.

One of the topics discussed is boundaries with ourselves. What limits do I need to set for myself regarding all this actitvity? I have defined a few that I'm going to try:
  1. No planned activities on work nights if at all avoidable (after my final Monday night class, of course!)
  2. No bringing the computer home from work on week nights.  It is too tempting to play with photos and go to bed late, or get involved in the morning visiting blogs or working on mine and miss my walk or run late for work.  This means I need to work ahead on my blog on the weekends
  3. Have at least one weekend a month where I make absolutely NO plans outside the home at all.
  4. No iPad in the bed. Kindle yes, book yes, iPad no.
That's a good start I think.  I watched a good Ted Talk (in bed, on my iPad... yes, I admit it) on slowing down. If feel like you are just way too hurried and want permission to slow down, this one is a good one to watch.

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  1. You've created a lovely piece of art - and I agree that the painterly effect can cover a multitude of camera sins ... not that you make many! :)

    So now you have me wondering if the iPad will join you in bed tonight ... ;)

  2. Got so caught up in your posting about setting limits for oneself, that I omitted to thank you for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday LeAnne.

  3. I'm so glad that you could 'save' your photo, it is fantastic . . . and textures have taught me to never delete what isn't perfect!

  4. Oh this is wonderful. I love the painterly feel and the use of the texture.


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