Friday, March 16, 2012

She has no reason to fear

She is...

Three textures went into today's piece for Photo Art Friday: Bonnie's "Blue Moon", Kim Klassen's "Revolution" , and Shadowhouse Creations "Grunge-Brush3" from Jerry's 2012 Grunge Texture set.

I shot the moon a week ago as it was rising above the treeline in my back yard. The inspiration for the text came from this week's discussion of fear over at Beyond Layers. All the words contained in the piece are from Walt Whitman's "Song of the Broad Axe".

Fear plagues most everyone I know in some way or another. Some fears are grounded in reality, while others are just unecessary and self-limiting worries. I worry about finances, my love life, my relationships, my family, my kids, and the state of the world, the Mayan calendar...

If we let it, those fears can consume. The fear that is top of mind right now relates to my health and ability to function well in my life. It has been said before, and I'm sure will be said many times again, that one does not appreciate the gift of health until you are ill.

The statement "She has no reason to fear" is an empowering mantra worth repeating, even if it does seem a bit pretentious to refer to myself in the third person. Whitman's poem is long and full of metaphor, but the words I plucked out of it represents exalted womanhood:

Her shape arises,
She, less guarded than ever, yet more guarded than ever;
The gross and soil’d she moves among do not make her gross and soil’d;
She knows the thoughts as she passes—nothing is conceal’d from her;
She is none the less considerate or friendly therefore;
She is the best belov’d—it is without exception—she has no reason to fear, and she does not fear;
Oaths, quarrels, hiccupp’d songs, smutty expressions, are idle to her as she passes;
She is silent—she is possess’d of herself—they do not offend her;
She receives them as the laws of nature receive them—she is strong,
She too is a law of nature—there is no law stronger than she is.

I love that...I want to be her. Open and yet with a well developed sense of boundaries. Above the fray of all the quarrels and pettiness that arise when people get together. Too confident and sure of herself that she cannot be offended or take things personally. Secure in the the power and strength that have been bestowed upon her as a birthright, without needing permission to be who she is. She. simply. is.

Physically I some better, and am beginning to feel some hope that this period of being "all stove up" as we say here in the south is close to being over. So many exciting things are on the horizon relating to my photography and otherwise, it will be hard to pace myself once I am back in action. But, as a friend pointed out to me on facebook yesterday, the universe found a way to slow me down. Ok, I get it... I get it...

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  1. Love your image and editing, and the words you put with it!

  2. Beautiful image, really well done.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Wow your piece is amazing. So were your thoughts behind it.

  4. That moon shot is sooooo great. I like the way you combined the feeling, poem and image.

  5. I so appreciate the wisdom and truth in your words,Leanne.

  6. Your image is stunning! I love it...and thank you for sharing that beautiful Walt Whitman poem. Oh yes, I'd love to be that woman, too. If only I were that evolved and strong, but it's something to aspire to, right? I hope you're feeling your normal self again very soon!

  7. Great qualities in this photo, in all respects..

  8. Very creative work. The moon against the backdrop of this texture and the lovely text.

  9. Nice post-processing.

    Regards and best wishes


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