Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Selfie

In the picture self  portrait 3-10-12

I'm still playing with the 100 cameras in 1 app for my weekly self portraits for Urban Muser's "In the Picture" challenge. Today's image is a combination of those effects with interesting titles: our lives forever caught in a dream, when I felt sad and you were not there, and hurried and anxious through a dark time. These effects worked well with my own mood and this month's black and white theme. The shot was taken in my back yard with the wind starting to kick up with an approaching storm.

The weekend was a combination of bad and good.

The good being time spent with Adam and his wife, having all the families and our boys together for fun at the Tribe show last night, and the appreciation service and dinner for the boys at New Heart Church.

The bad was that I spent most of the weekend barely able to function - first because of some stomach issues that hit me around mid-day on Saturday that wiped me out for most of the day, and second terrible low back pain that was most likely the result of sleeping on the couch all afternoon.

I had to drag myself out to both gatherings through pain and lots of ibuprofen. I am starting to feel better after a combination of heat and cold on my back and resting on my side most of the day after church. Hopefully, it won't be so difficult to get around tomorrow.

Over at Beyond Layers Kim Klassen recommended that we read Stephen Pressfield's Do the Work which, of course, I downloaded to my Kindle immediately. (They make it wayyyyy to easy) I found the book was a follow up to his book The War of Art, so I had to have that as well and am reading it first. Pressfield, a renowned author known for The Legend of Bagger Vance is also a retired Marine.

In the book, he discusses how being a Marine prepared him for life as a writer because it trained him how to be miserable. He goes on about the difference between being an amateur and becoming a professional is not about whether you are paid for your art, but how dedicated you are to pursuing it no matter how uncomfortable you may be.

When I'm physically or mentally down, it sometimes easy to put off and procrastinate "the work". But, when something is important I WILL do it. Just like it was important to me to spend time with my son and the other families made me push through the pain to be there and I'm so glad I did.

I'm fighting a bit of discouragement because I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked and I'm stalled on writing projects. The book reminds me that it is possible and necessary to push through. I'm looking forward to reading them both and will probably be writing on them more soon.

I cannot close without expressing some gratitude for my dad putting in my new hot water heater for me this weekend. Being without hot water and the expense of purchasing a new water heater was not great, but I know my dad would have rather spent his Saturday in a different way. He's been such a blessing to me in many ways, and his skills in helping me maintain my home and pretty much being there at a moments notice when emergencies happen has saved me many times. There's a guy who knows how to push through and do what needs to be done.

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  1. Years ago when my parents and I lived in the same town, I was blessed by my dad's skills at fixing things. Countless times he came to my rescue, especially when I was divorced and raising two teenagers, and helped with so many things. I am so grateful for that. Your post today reminds me of how fortunate we have been.

    Here's to a better week! Blessings to you and your family.


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