Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ten Truths About Me


This week at Beyond Layers we were asked to share ten truths about ourselves. We were also invited to take a photo to go along with it and I'll just use this week's self portrait for Urban Muser's "In the Picture" challenge. I took this shot with my iPad 100 pictures in 1 app and used a combination of effects starting with "The sky was as blue as your eyes." The theme for our self portraits this month is black and white, so I'm going off course just a little with some blue.

I must admit I like using these different effects and going for a more abstract look. Rather than obsessing about getting a perfect shot and agonizing over flaws, it's more about expressing a mood for effect. Plus when I add "glow" I look younger. :)

Here's another one made from the same session using an effect called "The Boiling Anger Swallowed Deep." Given the titles of the effects in this app, I am guessing the developer is one moody guy. I'm having quite a few moods myself these days, and this is one of them.


Ok, so here we go with ten truths about me.

  1. I'm a homebody, and my home is my sanctuary. When I don't have enough time in my nest, I start to get really cranky. Given that my commute is nearly an hour each way, and I work long days, achieving a good work/life balance is a real challenge for me.
  2. I have a serious problem estimating the amount of time it takes to get things done. Since I am also a master procrastinator, I often find myself running around with my hair on fire unecessarily. Getting myself together in this regard would be life changing, no doubt.
  3. Along the same lines as above, I tend to overcommit myself and catch myself volunteering for stuff that I don't have time to do.
  4. In the fourteen years I’ve lived in my home I have not have a functional master bathroom. Shortly after I moved in, we discovered a long standing shower leak that damaged the floor and rendered the shower unusable. Over the years, we’ve started the demolition and rebuilding only to have other projects or more pressing financial obligations push it to the back burner. THIS is the year I rectify this problem.
  5. My hair salon of choice is over 40 miles from my home and I’ve been driving there every five or six weeks for almost ten years. After my first visit to Jules, I started getting rave compliments on my hair for the first time in my life. Once you find someone you like, you stick with them, right girls? I believe in hairdresser fidelity. You don’t do anything to mess up that relationship by cheating. :)
  6. Speaking of my hair, part of the reason I drive so far is that my hair started turning grey in my twenties and I’ve been covering it up since. At some point, box color just wasn’t cutting it. That’s when I started seeing Jules. As of yesterday, we are embarking on a project to let the gray come in. I’m a little bit scared but also excited to see what is really under there.
  7. I love to sing, and once sang in my “company” band which performed at corporate functions. Although I’m am not a huge country music fan, my go-to song was Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight.” Singing in front of others makes me so nervous though, that I pretty much shake the whole time. Most of my best performances are in the kitchen while I wash dishes and in my car on the way to work.
  8. My naked rear end exists on the internet somewhere that I will not reveal. After losing 120 pounds, I had a tummy tuck and a lower body/butt lift. I gave my plastic surgeon permission to use me as a “before and after” on their website.
  9. I’m a coffee addict. I’ve tried many times to give it up and have managed at times to go significant periods without it, but all it takes is for me to stumble across one article that implies coffee might be good for your health, and my resolve dissipates like the packets of splenda I put in it.
  10. I love to cook and entertain in my home, and always overdo it when I do - making double the food anyone could possibly eat.

And with that last point, I still have lots of cooking and cleaning to do tonight before my little dinner party tomorrow. So, I better get to it.


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  1. I loved reading your 10 things - I'm a homebody too. My solitary time is a necessity for me! I agree on the hair - once you find someone you love, you stick with them! Your photos are wonderful - I've been thinking about getting the "100 Cameras in 1" app and you've reminded me with your images that I need to get on it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your photo self-portraits and the 10 things were really fun to read. I now "know" you just a bit better. Okay, if we're fessing up, I will admit I've cheated on my hairdresser several times, but I always go back to her LOL...she is the best at my color for sure. I was divorced for several years before I married my husband and it was during that time I learned to say "no"'s so easy to over commit!


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