Friday, April 20, 2012

Give Me A Break

Navy Pier

My business trip was a great success and lots of fun, too. With every job, there are good aspects and stressful aspects, but one thing I am truly grateful for is that I have a lot of fun with my cohorts and we genuinely enjoy being around one another.

It seems I'm having my share of little mishaps lately, and it did make me think twice about air travel. :) The biggest problem I encountered was my hard drive crashing as I was beginning my training session. Fortunately, the training was able to continue by remoting in to their system through the IT guy's computer, which worked out for the best. But, I swear sometimes Mr. Murphy is stalking me. I wasn't able to get my computer fixed until I returned to the office today, so I was without the ability to post on my blog either.

I have lots of pictures I'll be sharing soon. For now, I'll share one for Photoart Friday that's been processed with Photoshop and Topaz.

For the texture, I used Bonnie's "Blue Me Away" texture. Bonnie let us know today that she needs a bit of a break so PhotoArt Friday is taking a summer break. I just want to say that this linky will be missed and I am looking forward to its return.

After being away from the computer for the past couple of days and taking probably a thousand photos, it will take a while to get through processing all of them. We actually touched three states on this trip. We flew into Chicago, our business was in South Bend, Indiana and we finished up with a little side trip to Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan. It was a whirlwind trip, but we crammed a lot of work and play in.

This weekend involves more travel as well, so I'm not sure I'm going to be adding to my backlog of unprocessed images. I'll be going to Reelfoot Lake with my photography group and my niece who is a student at UT Martin, which is nearby will be going with me. The weather should be great and I hope to get some great photos.

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Photo Art Friday

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  1. What a great shot! Beautiful processing.

  2. fantastic and your processing is wonderful!

  3. Nice rendition of Navy Pier. Did you get a chance while you were there to see the stained glass museum on the pier. So awesome. Love this shot!

  4. Wonderful shot and a great angle! Love the processing!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  5. Wonderful shot!

  6. Really love the 'feel' your processing has given this shot. Love the monochromatic tones too. Thank you for sharing your work with Photo Art Friday LeAnne.

  7. This is a simply beautiful processing capture. Good one to start with for sure. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I am visiting from PAF. Karen

  8. Fabulous! I love Ferris Wheel's and the way you've processed this photo just makes it look amazing.


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