Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised

drew and me

It turns out my son had the day off, which is unusual for him, so plans got a bit rearranged and we've had a nice day together. He got up and went to church with me and we had dinner afterwards. We've been chatting all afternoon and taking pictures, and he was willing to pose for my weekly self portrait with me. Of course, we had to get grand-dog Crockett in the pic.

This was a pleasant and unexpected suprise, and so was seeing my son clean shaven this morning after getting used to him with that massive beard he had. Impressive as it was, he's just too handsome to cover up that face, don't you think?

I almost forgot...he left this for me the other day as well. He knows how to make my day :)

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  1. As handsome as your son is...more importantly, he has a kind face :) Glad you got to spend some mom/son/dog time together :)

  2. Love that note on the fridge...that's a keeper for sure (if only in a photo). The photo of the two of you is gorgeous. That is some serious ink on his arm - my son would love it. Since I'm an artist, I appreciate a nice tattoo =)


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