Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reelfoot Regal


One of the big attractions at Reelfoot Lake are the bald eagles. They are pretty much gone by the end of February, but they do have a few injured ones in captivity at the visitors section. They also had a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk.

I do not have much time to write today, but wanted to share these regal beauties for World Bird Wednesday.




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  1. Splendid captures! I absolutely love that first shot!

  2. You won't see a better eagle portrait than your first shot. Mesmerizing!

  3. LeAnne, these are absolutely magnificent.
    Beautifully done!

  4. Amazing pictures of the king with wonderful feathers.

    Greetings from Norway

  5. Wow, these are superb captures...especially the first one.

  6. Le Ann, these are so beautiful. I am a 5 hour drive from there and we have talked about coming down for a visit and then we get busy. Maybe next winter. Didn't the lodge burn down, or something? Have a great week~

  7. Fantastic portraits of these beautiful birds!

  8. Oh my... This is absolutely stunning photos! I really love the first one! Amazing details!

  9. I love your bird pictures and my heart goes out to the birds who have been injured. I hope they will be able to be released back to the wild ... if not, I hope they are given some quality of life where they are. It is sad when they are no longer able to do what they were meant to do. Your pictures are quality ... thank you. Come over and see my video of an Eagle Owl ... if you love raptors, you will love this video.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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