Saturday, April 7, 2012

Surreal Saturday


Well, this day totally went off the rails. After my writing workshop this morning I had several hours to kill before meeting up with my friend for the art crawl. The day was lovely, so I chose a restaurant with outdoor seating for lunch a and planned on taking a photo walk downtown. If I had time, I wanted to head back to the library, offload my photos and do some writing.


So many odd little things happened to me as I sat there and ate my lunch. A fellow walked down the street taking video with his camera phone of everything he saw, including me eating my lunch. A homeless guy stalked my lunch plate (which was actually pretty well cleaned) when I went inside to refill my drink and then ran off when I stepped back out.


A woman walked up to me and in the most monotone "rainman" voice you could imagine, asked me if the wind was responsible for moving my table umbrella around. I said I believed it was, and she went on to explain that I was sitting under a sun umbrella, not a rain umbrella. "We had to categorize those differently. Some are meant for rain and others for sun. THIS is NOT a rain umbrella." Ummm OK. It was a good thing since there was no rain.

And then she walked down the street, spent some time looking up into a tree, then entered the building across the street.

Not two seconds later, one guy walked by me singing at the top of his lungs and as soon as he was out of sight another fellow walked by playing his guitar.

If these things were not odd enough, there were two conventions in town- an Anime Day, and the Lone Wolf Full Moon Horror and Tattoo festival. The libary was holding a Scottish Heritage festival as well, so there were men in Kilts, men in tights, and men in chains (women as well).


Although, it was sometimes hard to distinguish between those who were in costume and those who had just made misguided wardrobe choices.



It felt a bit like Halloween and I was giddy with anticipation of what cool shots I might capture. I wished; however, I had my big telephoto so I could lurk and shoot from afar. Many of my shots, therefore were from too far away, out of focus and noisy. I just am not brave enough to get that close.


Once back at my car to drop off some books and baggage so I could travel lighter when shooting, my wish quickly changed as I could not find my keys in my purse or my laptop bag. I went back to the library, tracing my steps and to the lost and found. No one had turned in my keys.

I hoped that maybe I had dropped them in my trunk when I was getting my bags out, so I called a locksmith and I took more shots while I waited.


pink girl and ninja

One fellow who walked by asked me if I wanted to take his picture, so I raised my camera as he posed.


After telling me not to do anything "nasty" with the picture several times, he walked across the street and spontaneously dropped to his knees and proposed to a girl in a yellow wig.


The answer was no.


The locksmith arrived and went to work on my car.


He got it open, we popped the trunk and my heart sank when I did not find my keys in the trunk. We searched the car, for good measure and nothing. I called two dealers and they both told me that they would have to have the car THERE in order to program new keys. The locksmith collected his $100 and I set about trying to find a tow truck that could make the 6' 6" clearance. I found one who said they could, but when the truck arrived, there was no way it was going to clear. He said they wanted him to charge me anyway, but he said he wouldn't.

I finally had to call dad to come get me. I can get a tow truck that will fit on Monday morning, so now I'm stuck at home the rest of the weekend, missed the Art Crawl, and now without transportation until then.

At least I got a few more shots while I waited for dad. This guy (at least I thought it was a guy) looked the way I felt right about then.


I had no idea that this is what the Easter Bunny looked like.


I have to wonder if the universe took away my keys away so I'll stop overbooking my weekends. Or maybe to get me out of town before the full moon rose. :)

Try NEW Photoshop CS6 Beta before the official release!


  1. What an eventful day. I'd check the lining of your coat as your pocket may have a hole and your keys could have slipped into the lining. Just a thought.
    Stay inspired!

  2. You certainly did have an eventful day, LeAnne! Makes me smile, except for the lost keys and the locksmith fee for naught. There was a time I locked my keys in my car so frequently that the AAA guy new it was me when he got a "keys locked" call!!! Ever since I've always carried a spare in my pants pocket ... Not my purse or backpack as that was sometimes still in the car. My pants pocket was ALWAYS with me!!!

    Happy Easter! Happy Sunday!

  3. Oh's almost as if when you went to that restaurant, you entered a Twilight Zone! lol...I'm so sorry about your keys, that's not funny at all. :/ Your pictures are wonderful, though, if that's any comfort!


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