Monday, April 16, 2012

Unlimited Imagination


I'm checking in a bit early with Texture Tuesday because I'm going to be on the road tomorrow traveling for work. I used to travel quite a bit with this job, but this is my first trip in over a year. It is a pretty important client of ours, so there have been lots of details to finalize, testing, and preparing - which leaves precious little time for picture taking or processing.

As I write, a last minute and necessary load of laundry tumbles and Norah Jones keeps me company as I wait for the washing machine to finish it's cycle. With a glass of wine in hand and a half dozen candles flickering, staying up a little late to finish these chores seems a tad more tolerable.

My son came in and was worried I was having some sort of pity party with my mellow music, candles and wine. LOL No...just the laundry blues.

Today's image is of some lovely grocery store tulips, processed with several passes of Topaz Simplify, B & W and Adjust. I can't even begin to tell you exactly what I did. I was just playing around. The texture is Kim Klassen's "Let Go" and the text is another one of her lovely brush gifts to the Beyonders. I like it lots because it reminds me that even when I don't have a lot of time to create my imagination can still work in the background until there's space to create.

There should be good photo opportunities on this trip though. We are flying into Chicago and will take some time to see a few sights. One of my traveling companions is from there and he will be our guide. I'm planning in advance to go off the diet in the interest of trying the pizza and Garrett's popcorn. Then its to South Bend to visit the client and hopefully a little tour of Notre Dame once we finish our business.

Hopefully, I'll be back here to share some Chi-town shots tomorrow evening.

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  1. Beautiful photo - the texture is wonderful with the tulips! Enjoy Chicago...I've always wanted to visit the windy city.

  2. oh I am so jealous that you will be near Garretts. That popcorn is to die for. Have a safe trip and don't forget to step out on that plexiglass platform at the Sear's ( new name now) Tower. It is awesome!

  3. Wonderful image, love the tulips. I really love the way you have added the textures here, beautiful. I hope you have a safe trip and get the chance to take some great photos :-)

  4. Lovely tulips and texture work. :)

  5. Leanne, this is so beautiful!


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