Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Day

a day

I decided to participate in the ADAY.ORG project. Each participant was allowed to upload ten pictures in the categories of "home," "work", and "connection."

I started this day as I do every day with my morning pages journal.

Afterwards, the flag goes out if the weather permits. I guess now that my son is home from Afghanistan, I can remove the service flag from the sidelight window.


Grand-dog Crockett is eager for his morning walk.


My desk and where I spend most of my time. We are moving office buildings in November and I'm sort of looking forward to it - all except for the moving part. We have a very nice office now, but I think the change will do me some good.


My "official" job title is Director of Operations. What that means is that I'm in charge of the technical support and program implementation team. Most days we have at least one client call or demo. The conference room is my second office.

conference room

I'm trying to make a point these days of getting out of the office for lunch. It may be cheaper to bring lunch from home, but it is too tempting to work through lunch and not get out at all. Not good.

My iPad is my lunch and dinner companion these days. It keeps me connected...well, except when I go to Logan's and find there is no wi-fi. Seriously? The things we feel entitled to these days.


Around 3:00 or so every afternoon, I make my rounds around the office to check on my staff and shoot the breeze. It's great for relieving pressure and letting off steam. They never fail to make me laugh and I'm grateful for the cammaraderie we have. When Amy from accounting hears the laughter and comes over, all out hilarity ensues. And no, they don't work in a storage closet although it sort of looks like it doesn't it?


Pulled into my drive at the end of the day, stopped the car, checked the mail and snapped the sun as it set behind my neighbor's property. I live on an acre plot, but across the street is a small horse farm. I love to sit and watch them graze when they are out. At one time, they raised Tennessee Walkers, but I haven't seen one of those over there. Most days I don't make it home before sundown, but as the days get longer it is a bit easier to do so.


So, there you have it folks. That's pretty much how a typical day in my life goes. Exciting stuff, huh?


  1. Thanks for sharing your day. I too need to get out more for lunch instead ofvworking

  2. Thank you for sharing your day LeAnne.
    I love the photograph of your desk.

  3. Yes, I like the desk photo too, but really love that last shot!

  4. What a fun project this looks like, and it looks like your days are as full as mine are. Hard to get in the right amount of blogging time. LOL

  5. Loved seeing a few snapshots of your day and hear how you walk around the office to connect in a fun way with others. Cool!! Beautiful desk space and awesome sunset. A salute to the flag and a thank you to your son for his service to our country!


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