Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Light Post


Today's Quotography challenge and Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge are both themed around light. For Quotography, the theme was sunshine and today's image and quote is my offering for this week's challenge.

The image; however, didn't lend itself to texturizing so much, so I went with a a different image for Kim's challenge. I used Kim's "Chase" texture on this one. Both of these photos were taken at the same time, and this vibrant thistle blossom on the side of the road captured my attention with its face shining in the morning light. They may be weeds, but I think they are so beautiful and not just when in bloom - like here or here.


There's not much time for blogging this morning because I had a late night at work and an early morning today. I'll be back with a new Flower Art Friday bright and early tomorrow morning!

Today's Linkups

kimklassencafeQuotography at {My}Perspective

PS. Last week's quotography entry made the top 3!

Quotography at {My}Perspective


  1. That is one beautiful weed! The light is lovely.

  2. The Emerson quote is so true! I've often wondered why there are mosquitoes. :-) Your second shot of the flower is so nice. Love the detail in the spindly petals.

  3. Beautiful photos, both of them...and the quotes, too!

  4. Beautifully edited photos and lovely quotes.


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