Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Free & Easy May 15th

bottles on the wall

Since I've not been shooting as much this past week, I went to the archives to find a shot for this week's Texture Tuesday challenge. This once was shot last July while my daughter-in-law and I were visiting with my sister and her family. They took us to this quaint little restaurant in Corinth, Missisippi with the unique name of Pizza Grocery. The restaurant doesn't serve wine, but patrons can bring their own bottle and the restaurant will provide the setup. Thus, the walls, windows, and every available horizontal surface held empty wine bottles.

I could have spent all day inside taking pictures, but people seem to be uncomfortable with that for some reason. :)

But, I did manage to shoot a few before I got kicked out of the place and today's image was one of my favorites. I used Kim Klassen's "I Am" texture on this and also Topaz Adjust "Whisperly" preset.

Today I've had my camera out quite a bit taking pictures for the aday.org project. More on that tomorrow.

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  1. I think I would like that restaurant! Nice shot & texture.

  2. Leanne, this is such an interesting image. Love the colour. I also managed to get an image for aday.org too.

  3. I love this photos! The cool, transparent greens of the bottles, and your added texture, is so pleasing to the eye!

  4. Your texture makes this photo perfect!

  5. I like this picture, the light and colors.

  6. Brilliant texture work, perfect for this image. :)

  7. Such wonderful colors on this photo. Love your textures. I just downloaded a trial of Topaz and need to try the Adjust. Glad you shared that info on here. This photo would be a favorite. ;)


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