Monday, June 11, 2012

Horror Story

Just a reminder if you haven't cast your vote for last week's Flower Art Friday, there is still time! Voting closes tonight at midnight, so get on over there and vote for your favorite!


No Mosaic Monday for me this week. The reason being that my intention was to share a mosaic of my work resulting from prompts received this week from Susannah Conway's Exploring the Senses e-course. Unfortunately, my camera is AWOL at the moment, along with all the photos I'd taken for the challenge but not yet downloaded.

Yes, you read it right. I LOST MY CAMERA!

I'm hoping this is just a repeat of the "I lost my keys in my purse" incident and I will find my camera sitting out in plain sight somewhere soon. The last place I saw it was at a Mexican restaurant on Thursday evening. I'd brought it inside because I didn't want it to get stolen. Ugh.

I have checked with the restaurant and no one turned it in. The only other possibility I can think of is that I may have taken it to work with me on Friday and it is in my office. But, I honestly don't remember doing that. My friend Suzan, who was with me that night, says she remembers me having it in my hands when we parted ways. I hope she's right. In a few hours, I will know for sure.

Today's image was shot while on my retreat last weekend. I entitled it "prometheus" because my son and I went to see the movie Friday night and it sort of reminded me of an alien creature.

Maybe I could have gone with the Anais Nin quote about it being more painful to stay in a bud (it actually sort of does look in pain) or waxed eloquent about this feeling that my art and my life is just bursting to explode into spectacular golden beauty (which I feel sometimes it is).

No, I'll go with a threatening alien being poised to eat your head off.

That's just the kind of mood I'm in.

I'll feel better when I have my camera back, or when I have A camera.

Being without a camera is like having an alien chew both your arms off. Seriously. I cannot tell you have many times I've reached for it all weekend. In fact, I first noticed it was gone Saturday morning when I began to look for it prior to meeting with some friends who were in town for CMA fest. They are the family of one of the young men who lost his life serving along side my son in Afghanistan. He's become very close to them, and this was the first opportunity I had to meet them. I wanted pictures. :(

On the bright side, this might be just the reason I need to go ahead and make the leap to the Nikon D7000 I've been coveting. It seems like the most logical step up for me. I'm not quite ready to invest in something more expensive than that - at least not until they find a cure for whatever it is that makes me such an absent-minded spaz.

Part of the problem, I decided is that I need a better carrying system for my camera if I'm going to take it everywhere like I want to do. I have camera bags, but none of them work quite right for me nor do they hold everything that I want to carry with me. No, I needed a camera bag that also doubles as a purse, so I splurged on an Epiphanie bag. I bought the "Clover" style in black. Hey, this is my birthday month, so I can justify giving myself a gift right? Cannot wait to get it!

I just hope I have a camera to put in it.

Of course, it is my birthday month, so who says I'm done buying myself presents? :)


  1. It's my birthday month too!! A lost camera is awful for sure. I hope you find it soon!!

  2. Oh no! My heart is racing as I read this. That is awful! Hope you get it back after you buy your new one. then you will have a backup. Nice score on the camera bag/purse. I just got the it!

  3. LeAnne, I'm soooo sorry to hear. I think I'd be having heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, and mental breakdown if I lost my camera. Not only would it impact my daily activities as you have mentioned, but the financial impact would be great with not working right now. I hope it is safe and sound somewhere that you just haven't thought to look.

    It's my birthday month too! Wish we lived closer; we could celebrate. ;->

    Take care.

  4. So sorry to hear about your camera, I so hope it turns up soon. Great reason to get the D7000 though :-)

  5. Oh my goodness!! It's Tuesday and have you found it yet??!! Having no camera makes it easier to just go buy a new one though, doesn't it? :) Have a nice day.


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