Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Riding the Sound Waves

sound and color
Edwin McCain's lead guitarist Larry Chaney at 3rd & Lindsley - June 17, 2012

Even though I've mentioned in passing that I'm exploring the senses with Susannah Conway's e-course, I have not had a chance to give each daily assignment its due.

The course, a freebie for pre-ordering her book This I Know, is chock full of great assignments and a wealth of information and internet side-trips to get lost in. My plan is to "explore" each assignment fully, even if I post about them here out of order and most likely way past the end of the 30-day course.

The lessons this week have focused on the sense of sound, and music in particular. So, I'm just going to jump in here.

As I mentioned yesterday, my son and I went to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters at one of my favorite venues on Sunday.

Edwin McCain has been crooning in the mixtape of my life for years, and I try to never miss a chance to see him live even if it has been awhile since I've queued him up on my mp3 player. I know I drug my former boyfriend to see him at least three times, have seen him several times with my oldest son and at least once with my youngest. Once I took my sister, and I've gone alone at least once as well. And, I booked a music cruise once and he was one of the main draws.

Before I go sounding all crazy stalker groupie, trust me its not like that. He's not the only singer/songwriter I like, just one that I've seen the most. His shows are just that good.

It has been awhile since I've seen him though. The last time I think was Valentine's day 2010. Perhaps best known for his songs "I'll Be" and "I Could Not Ask for More" which have been played at too many weddings to count - He's the perfect romantic troubador - gritty enough that he can be sappy without being cheesy.

My daughter-in-law danced with her father to this Edwin tear-jerker at her wedding.

My personal favorite of his albums is Messenger, which was released in 1999. It featured an acoustic version of "I'll Be", and some of my very favorite songs such as "Promise of You", "Sign on the Door", and "Prayer to St. Peter."

I'll be honest and say it wasn't exactly easy to sit through those songs as they reminded me of love lost and longing for that which seems destined to elude me. Listening to the songs live, with the drum beat taking my heart for a ride, the song of the instruments swirling and mixing with my blood, and Edwin's soulful, familiar voice peircing my ears with those lyrics that have threaded their way through my life over the years. Memories, hopes, dreams, and disappointment all coming together in a mix of emotions. Heavy stuff.

Generally speaking, I find it easier when in the midst of trying to heal a broken heart to stay away from music. It has too much power over my emotions and can send me to the depths and places I don't want to go. But, perhaps it is time to bring back the music and ride the waves as they come. I'm feeling strong enough to handle it now, I think.

To that end, I checked the schedule for 3rd & Lindsley in the coming months and found four shows that really interested me and bought tickets.

Just a little piece of me I'm taking back.


  1. Wow, brilliant image, love the edit.

  2. Yes music is so powerful. And then add the right lyrics and voices and it can really take you places.


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