Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tip - Social Media Icon Use (Or Forgive my Facebook Faux Pas)

Lately I've been considering my choice of social media icons. I liked the stamps that I downloaded, but wanted to create a little something on my own that was more in line with my blog design. Plus, there wasn't a pinterest stamp in the set I was using and I wanted to include a link for that.

When I checked the pinterest site regarding use of their social media icons, I noticed that they had rather strict terms of use for their brand. This got me to thinking, and I searched facebook and found that they had similarly restrictive terms.

Here's a link that I found that gives a pretty thorough analysis of what sort of terms we are talking about.

So, I and many other of my blogger friends are doing it wrong. It is an easy mistake to make what with all those adorable little icon sets out there for free download.

What are the consequences for misuse of social media branding ? I'm not sure. I doubt the social icon police are going to knock down my door, or shut down my blog. But, I definitely want to respect copyright rules. As someone who puts their words, images, and art out on the web I have an expectation that my work will not be used without my permission or at least due credit.

Call it karma, call it the golden rule, but it seems only right to play according to the rules. So, I'm taking my little stamps down and when I have time I will replace them with correctly used links.


  1. I also like those cute icons but I totally agree with what you have said here. Thanks for putting it into perspective! I hope others 'get it'.

  2. Copyright can be very confusing. I figured if I didn't create it then it is not mind to use. Safe that way

  3. Hi LeAnne, While I agree with you in principle, even the "t" you use in your share icons after your blog post is not officially recognized by Twitter. The only acceptable ones can be found here https://twitter.com/logo and they are all a bird. I checked the 15 top bloggers and many (not all) of them have integrated icons (which my Mom would say "if Mary jumps off a bridge are you going to jump off a bridge too?" I'm not saying it's OK at all, just that it must not be a huge violation if they haven't gone after those bloggers. http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/blogs Now that you've brought it to my attention I may have to rethink my cute new grey icons that I just installed (some I made and some I just recolored).

    1. I agree, it couldn't be that huge of a violation and maybe they don't even care - they just have to go through the motions of protecting their brand against more serious offenses. I wondered about the "share" icons at the bottom of the post as these are the options provided to me by blogger. I'm not going to remove the ability to share, but I do think I'm going to rework my social media links.


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