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Flower Art Friday #15 August 3, 2012


Welcome to Flower Art Friday #15! The gallery opens early Thursday morning and entries are accepted until midnight each Saturday.

I'm having to go way back to a year ago for today's image because I've been super busy this week and still not up to par physically. I have a doctor appt. next week to get checked out, by the way. Otherwise, we've been short staff at the office due to one employee being on jury duty, two on vacation, one out of town tending to a sick relative, and another who lost her beloved father on Monday. We are a small company, so we really feel it when one is gone and we have five out!

This Monarch was captured last August when I was just getting into textures and photo art. I'd already treated it a little with texture (I believe a crackle texture from Kim Klassen), brought it back in to CS6 and added KK's Cherish texture and gave it the BuzSim Treatment with Topaz Labs Simplify.

You may notice this is a version of the image right most image in my new header. Thanks Lissa for noticing!

So, enough about me, how about a little love for our weekly reader's choice winners! This week our theme was red and we had so many gorgeous red flowers and those that weren't red were just as beautiful. It's always good to have a little contrast don't you think?

Here's another lovely image brought to us by Ruth at R.H. West Photography

We saw "The Light" with this image brought to us by Pieces of Contentment

Kaylene at Space and Time Creativity lightens things up further with her beautiful white lily.

Congratulations winners! Grab your badge!


Before we get this party started, here's just a quick reminder of the rules before we begin.

Flower Art Friday is a weekly gallery featuring your floral themed creations. We will have themes from time to time, but these will only be suggestions and you may feel free to deviate if you like. Obviously the theme revolves around flowers,and works submitted can be photos, digitally manipulated photos, textured photos, or mixed media collages.

Check out my resources page for information on some great sites that provide free textures, clip art, and tutorials.

The rules are pretty simple. Your link should go directly to your blog post or flickr post, and I ask that you post a link back to my blog in return. Post only your original work, and give credit appropriately to the source of images, clip art, or textures you may use in your piece. It would be awesome if you would grab my badge and include it in your post.


You also get to vote for your favorites. I will feature the top three picks on my blog next week, so if you participate please note that you are also giving me permission to repost your photo here. I will also be sending you a little email reminder to come back and vote and when the winners are posted.

Ok, let's link up!

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  1. Congratulations to the winners this week. The flower photos are so beautiful!!!

    LeAnne, I love your butterfly photo, and esepcially the transformed look making it even more beautiful!

  2. Love the finish on the butterfly photo, beautiful.

  3. LeAnne, you took a beautiful photo and made it even more beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

  4. Just wonderful and wobbly, am loving every bit

    Employment Agreements

  5. Your butterfly painting is gorgeous!

  6. Awesome photos! Congrats to the winners!

  7. Great choices, - Congratulations to the winners!
    Your post is awesome!

  8. Those are just amazingly beautiful!!

  9. Hi LeAnne,

    I hope you are feeling back to normal soon. It can be tough when so many people are out of the office. Love what you have done with your butterfly snapshot. It truly looks like a painting.

  10. LeAnne, this looks like a beautiful painting! I really love the texture you used. Congrats to last week's picks. They are all so lovely.

  11. I like your edit and having the butterfly is just a special touch. Hope you get well. Cheers

  12. That's so beautiful LeAnne, I love the balance and structure, it's just right :)

  13. LeAnne, I really love the processing you did on the butterfly ... very artistic and painterly!! ;->

  14. Love what you did with that photo, LeAnne! I hope everything checks out okay at the DR next week.

  15. Thank you for hosting. Congrats to the winners.

  16. Hi! LeAnne. Beautiful butterfly photo! And good texture. I came home from a trip yesterday. I have just finished my blog. This is vey different from my usual blog.
    Have a nice weekend for you!

  17. This is wonderful work, LeAnne! The textures and tones is fantastic! Like a painting!

  18. I'm almost overwhelmed with the beauty of all the flower images. so gorgeous.

  19. this is really beautiful.
    Thanks for hosting and for linking up with NF Wings. :)

    My butterfly is here:

  20. A masterful edit, LeAnne. Thank you for sharing it with Photo Art Friday.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.


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