Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Mosaic - Being Called

Black and White Sampler

My weekend plans got a wee bit derailed on Sunday - but in a good way.

Right before heading out to hang my art at Woody's Steakhouse, which is my second stop along the Picturemorphun moving art gallery, I recieved a distress call from a co-worker of mine.

She was involved in organizing an event benefitting Happy Tales Humane, a no kill animal shelter, and the central component for the day's event was a photoshoot for a fundraising book they intend to publish as a fundraiser later. Their photographer had an emergency come up, which made for an emergency situation on their part.

I was happy to step in and build my portfolio of pet photographs which is something I've been interested in doing since extremely photogenic grand-dog Crockett came into our lives.

The shoot was held at the Center of Symmetry in Nashville, where some of the puppies were also treated to doggie massages and holistic doggie treats. To thank me for stepping in, the sweet owner Amy (mommy to Bruce and Emma Louise - top left in the mosaic above)bestowed upon me a gift certificate for a free massage. Woot!

It was incredibly hard work with back to back appointments for six hours straight. In total there were 22 dogs, although some of them were photographed together. I learned a great deal in the process, and it may be that taking this call may have been a synchronistic event leading to the bigger "Call" I've been pondering this year in Allie Edwards "One Little Word."

You know you are getting little clues to your calling when everything seems to come together inexplicably and you find yourself enjoying every moment through sweat, dirt, and the chaos of multiple animals converging on the same space. The owners were delightful and so appreciative.

And, I got to network with many cool people, artists and other folks interested in collaborating on projects. All in all a real win-win for everyone.

Today's mosaic is just a sampling of the images from the day and I'm uploading previews of each dog to my flickr site. Here's the slideshow:

Some of the images are also ideal for some more artistic effects and I was up way late last night playing with Topaz Labs and Rad Labs Fun! Fun!

More on that later. I need to get some rest now!

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.

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  1. Great dog photos, I love looking at them, you can see their personalities coming out in each picture.

  2. These are so great - you did a fabulous job!! It was meant to be that the other photographer couldn't make it, I'm sure of that!

  3. This is absolutely FABULOUS, LeAnne. I am SOOOOO happy for you. Yes, I really do believe you're right ... that when you are doing what you're called to do things fall into place, time disappears, and you're willing to make sacrifices. You may have inspired me to write a post along these lines myself, but I need to wait just a bit until I get the projects completed. Yes, projects - 2 freelance projects that literally fell out of the sky--that's how they come, isn't it, when you're called? Smilin' ...

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this and to think I nearly missed this post. I also do photography for a local Humane Society as often as I am able. Your images are so wonderful and do you not just find this kind of time spent with these wonderful creatures, so rewarding!!! My only hang up, and one that I have been a good girl about, with the exception of one very weak moment, well a couple of weak moments, is that so many of them, I just want to bring home. Very good work you have done~

  5. What fun! I just all the puppy dogs. Wonderful photos!

  6. Fantastic and congratulations! Great how those things work out like that and you are obviously meant for good things like that to happen.


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