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Snapshot and a Song #1 - Beautiful Dawn

Welcome the very first Snapshot and a Song. My intention for this linky is to find those of you out there who love music as well as photography, and bring them together in a way that deepens our connection to them both.

The gallery opens early Sunday morning and stays open all week long until mid-night Saturday.
My song for today is "Beautiful Dawn" by The Wailin' Jennys
The images were actually captured back in August, 2009 with a little point and shoot Nikon Cool Pix I bought to capture some family vacation memories since my beloved DSLR was broken.
The purpose of the trip was to spend some time as a family prior to my youngest son, Adam's, first deployment to Afghanistan. His future wife, Katie my eldest son and I spent several days in a beach side cottage at North Carolina Beach and had mostly a wonderful time except for a gallbladder attack that ruined what was going to be our big seafood night out. A week later, I had the offending organ removed.
Otherwise, it was a time of great family memories. We rented a convertible, and spent leisurely days just eating, chilling on the beach and being together as a family. We also made a trip to the base to see his squad - those men who would help keep him alive over the coming seven month deployment.
On the last morning we were there, I got up early to so I could catch the sunrise on the beach,and these pictures were the result.
Rosy Fingered Dawn
Today's song is one that I mentioned last week and has featured prominently on the soundtrack of my life this year. Even though it was relased on their 2004 album 40 Days, I only just discovered them this year via a commenter on the Cayamo Cruise facebook page.
The CD has received tremendous airplay on my Rhapsody player over the summer and will always be associated with this period of grieving and healing over love lost - washed away as the word itself that I wrote in the sand on that morning walk:
The fact that these images were taken at dawn are part of the reason they were chosen for today. But, it goes deeper than that.
"Take me to the end so I can see the start"
Here I am at the end, past the end really, and I look back at these images and that word I wrote in the sand. I already knew things were right in my relationship back then, but I was investing in hope and steeped in denial. I was desperately looking for Something to Hold On To (another song from the same album which also holds special meaning to me) , and specifically to at least hear that word - the word that I wrote in the sand that day. A word way past due for the time we'd already spent together.
Not long after, I did find somethign to hold on to, but in the end it washed away quickly and completely - unable to withstand the impact of the high and low tides of ambivalence.
This song also evokes the feeling of travel - of going places to discover new truths and in the course of it, mending a broken heart.
As it turns out this post breakup period has been where been taken many places with more to come. There's been a work trip to Chicago that turned out to be lots of fun, another trip to North Carolina for the last homecomeing of what seems to be now the last deployment either of my Marines will ever endure, Santa Rosa Beach later this month (for work) Palm Springs in October (Shutter Sisters Oasis) and then my cruise.

And the mending is taking place. Slowly and with baby steps, I am indeed seeing a beautiful dawn ahead.

"Beautiful Dawn"
The Wailin' Jennys
written by Ruth Moody
Take me to the breaking of a beautiful dawn
Take me to the place where we come from
Take me to the end so I can see the start
There's only one way to mend a broken heart
Take me to the place where I don't feel so small
Take me where I don't need to stand so tall
Take me to the edge so I can fall apart
There's only one way to mend a broken heart
Take me where love isn't up for sale
Take me where our hearts are not so frail
Take me where the fire still owns its spark
There's only one way to mend a broken heart
Teach me how to see when I close my eyes
Teach me to forgive and to apologize
Show me how to love in the darkest dark
There's only one way to mend a broken heart
Take me where the angels are close at hand
Take me where the ocean meets the sky and the land
Show me to the wisdom of the evening star
There's only one way to mend a broken heart
Take me to the place where I feel no shame
Take me where the courage doesn't need a name
Learning how to cry is the hardest part
There's only one way to mend a broken heart

I'f you'd like to give it a listen, check out this video I found on You Tube:

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snapshot and a song
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  3. Love the photos and the song. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

  4. Nice post, LeAnne. Hindsight always gives us some perspective, doesn't it? I am so glad you are beginning to heal. In the middle of things, it's hard to see what the future will bring, but it always unfolds. I know you have a bright new horizon ahead! ;-.

  5. Glad that your baby steps are going in the right direction! losing someone you care about is never easy, but guess it happens for a reason, and you always need to trust that the place that you are in is the right place! Best to you!


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