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Snapshot and a Song #2 - A Perfect Day

Welcome to the second installment of Snapshot & a Song. Last week, we didn't have anyone link up and that wasn't totally unexpected as this is a very specific linkup and doesn't have the universal appeal of Flower Art Friday.

I will continue to provide a link up for those who might come along and participate.

Speaking of Flower Art Friday, gallery #16 is closed for submissions and open for voting, so don't forget to go over there and give some love to your faves.

This weekend was the first I'd had in awhile without anything major scheduled. Ive been trying to preserve Sundays as my day for sticking close to home and recharging my batteries. But, every once in a while it is great to have a whole weekend.

For this week's Snapshot & a Song, I chose another Canadian singer/songwriter - Jann Arden. The Wailin' Jennys from last week are from the land up north, and it seems I have a penchant for these Canadian songbirds, as I can list off the top of my head several others such as Sarah McLachlan, Tara MacLean (who sadly seems to have retired), Chantal Kreviazuk, and Mae Moore. I don't know what it is in the air up there, but these gals make beautiful music.

I have a special affection for Jann because she does such a fabulous job capturing the rawest human emotions and getting right to the heart of the matter. She can be a little dangerous to listen to when in the throes of healing from a heartbreak because she really gets down in the depths and wallows in them with you with songs like "Why Do I Try?", "How Good Things Are", "Holy Moses", and "Hanging by a Thread."

Of all the singer songwriters I love, she is the one I perceive to be most "like" me. Well, except for the rock star, ridiculously talented part. She "gets" me where I live. We are fairly close in age, both have struggled with our weight, and apparently we both have had our hearts stomped on a few times. She also seems to to spend quite a bit of time with her parents as an adult.

She's got plenty of upbeat and hopeful songs in addition to the tear jerking, fall sobbing into your soup in a public restaurant kind. She's nothing if not prolific. Her career has spanned most of my adult life and she's still putting stuff out.

Today's choice of "Perfect Day" is one of her happier ditties. Yes, there is a bit of melancholy, coming out of the dark type quality to it, but it is in its essence hopeful and encouraging.

It works well as a little positive "self talk" but it also goes out to those you love and want to encourage. For me, this is my boys. They both are entering into new phases of life and have been through some tough times as well. Although they are not kids any more, they are relatively young for what they have experienced. I admire them so for what they've accomplished, survived and what I know they can do in their lives.

I heard from both boys this week and these contacts were a sweet reminder of what is really important. In fact, my eldest called after seeing this cool video just to tell me he loved me. We had a great chat and I'm so grateful that we have that kind of relationship.

It is true, that when it all comes down to it, it is not what you accomplish in life - the true measure of of a good life is defined by who you love and who loves you. I admit that I am probably spending too much time at this juncture ruminating on love lost, and feelings of rejection and loss. His call was a timely reminder that I need to give more attention to the love I do have in my life and when I think about it that way, my cup runneth over.

Maybe I'll turn the corner here in my "process" when I stop focusing so much on who doesn't love me and remain mindful of those who do. Ya think?

This weekend was the first I'd had in a while where I had nothing scheduled (except for a massage) and I needed it so much. The weather was just perfect and a blessed respite from all the blow dryer weather we've had of late. There is nothing like a break in the weather to put one in a better mood. I'm also feeling a bit better now that I have some medicine that is helping me breathe.

I puttered around the house, did my regular Saturday cleaning routine (a 'la Fly Lady), baked some more low carb zucchini bread, and moved through my day without any sense of rush or urgency. It was soooo nice.

Jann Arden's full catalog was queued up on my Rhapsody player and she accompanied me as I moved through the day until the evening when I lit the tiki torches and the fire pot and enjoyed some "deck time" as I call it. Earlier in the season before the weather got so brutal I enjoyed deck time nearly every night, sending dispatches to facebook regarding my choice of music and a wine pairing. Last night, it was Jann and Little Black Dress Pinot Noir.

A little earlier in the evening my youngest sent me a text telling me about the Perseids Meteor shower that evidently would be peaking in the wee hours. When they were kids, I got them up in the middle of the night one night to watch a meter shower, and I'm guessing he was remembering that. I'm glad he told me because I hardly watch TV any more and knew nothing about it.

I set my alarm for 3:30 a.m. and got up to watch. I'm sort of out in the country, but not remote enough to see it in its full glory. But, I did see a few shooting stars and it was worth it if nothing else than to feel connected to that memory with my sons.

So, all in all, it was a perfect day.

A Perfect Day
by Jann Arden

You can do it I know you can, I know you will
You can make it I know you can, get up the hill
You can be anyone you want, just close your eyes
You can picture a perfect day inside your mind

You've gotta pull your head up, stand your ground and face it all
You've gotta hold your heart out to the universe
If you believe in who you are my shining star
If you believe in who you are my shining star

All you weary, all of you on your own
Listen clearly, follow your voice back home
All you broken, all of you without love
You'll be fine, you'll see when the morning comes

You've gotta hold your head up, throw your shoulders through the wall
You've gotta count your blessings, count your lucky days
You'll never know unless you try, until you risk it all
If you believe in who you are my shining star

All you weary, all of you on your own
Listen clearly, follow your voice back home
All you broken, all of you without love
You'll be fine, you'll see when the morning comes

All you weary, all of you on your own
Listen clearly, follow your voice back home
All you broken, all of you without love
You'll be fine

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  1. LeAnne! I have been out of the loop and just discovered! What a brilliant idea and, though I am away and not prepared for this week, I am definitely up for next! We have much in common - including a love of Jann Arden, sharing middle of the night meteor showers with our kids and knowledge of Fly Lady cleaning routines! *lol*
    Looking forward to posting next week!

    1. That's awesome Janet... glad you found me! Always nice to meet a kindred spirit in the blogosphere. :)

  2. What a great idea!!! I will try to link up this week... if not, then next week :)

  3. Well, I do have something to link this week
    even thought I just was blog-hopping through.
    I posted this is March...
    my (daughter (and youngest of three) graduated in May
    and is now working in Oregon.
    I'm in Indiana.
    At least she's in the States :)
    She may be coming home for a break soon though; yippee!

  4. p.s. Low-carb zucchini bread???
    Oh, please, do share your recipe!

  5. Deb, here's the link to the recipe. I've made it several times. I usually double the recipe and make two. It is made with coconut flour, which I order off amazon. It is expensive, but a little goes a long way.

    Let me know if you make it and how you like it.


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