Sunday, August 19, 2012

Snapshot & a Song #3 - Don't Need Much to Be Happy

At the end of the day

Don’t need much to be happy
Four walls and a roof overhead
Books and food in my belly
Cool sheets upon the bed
- Mary Chapin Carpenter

Today's photo was taken just a little over a year ago, right around the time that photography took its place as an integral part of my every day life. I had just discovered the Shutter Sisters blog and found there was a term for the type of photographs I was being drawn to take. "Expressive Photography" is a term that truly says it all.

Like so many I've met (mostly virtually) on this journey over the last year, I picked up a camera during what was a dark time in my life. Making photographs and sharing them was a way of being "heard" and "seen" when the words just couldn't capture what was going on inside.

And, in those dark times, it seemed especially important to collect images that represented what I enjoyed, what I was grateful for, what meant something to me. Not long after, I began this blog and found that what I wanted to share was beauty and joy. Although I haven't avoided darker subjects and have admitted to my struggles, I didn't seem to want to dwell on it. Rather, I seemed to have more of an overwhelming need to document the good - as if I needed to reassure myself that life was indeed beautiful, worth living, and mattered.

When faced with loss, disappointment, epic stress, it is the little things that get one through the day, and that is what Mary Chapin Carpenter is expressing in the song I chose for today. I'm not 100% sure if I shared today's image on this blog before or not, but it is the image that popped into mind when I first heard the lyrics to this song this past week.

Chapin Carpenter's lastest release, Ashes and Roses, was born from a period where she suffered great loss and illness. To be honest, I had not noticed that she'd seemingly disappeared from the scene. When I saw she was playing the Ryman, I thought it would be great to see her there. So, I bought a ticket and got a great seat. It was only after further research that I learned of her new release and discovered these new songs that resonate so clearly with the emotions I'm experiencing now.

I often struggle with how much to reveal about my own personal and not so positive experiences in this space, and then I consider how much I am helped by those who are willing to reveal their soft, hurt, and vulnerable sides to the world. This CD has already been so helpful to me and I'm grateful that it was there for my discovering.

Here she is performing today's song. Enjoy it take a moment to appreciate those little things that bring you joy and comfort. Welcome back Mary, we've missed you.

"Don't Need Much To Be Happy"
by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Don’t need much to be happy
Four walls and a roof overhead
Books and food in my belly
Cool sheets upon the bed

A fire that warms up December
The sound of a thaw in the eaves
Sometimes it’s hard to remember
How tough we are to please

All in good time
Somehow I find
Days that still shine with light
All in good stead
I’m safe and I’m fed
With dreams in my head
Good night

The feel of my hand being taken
Driving at night all alone
The breeze on a warm summer evening
And coming home

All in good time
Somehow you find
Days that still shine with light
All in good stead
You’re safe and you’re fed
With dreams in your head
Good night

Don’t need much to be happy
A friend to soften a fall
And something to show for my labors
After all

I had to learn to be grateful
I had to learn how to see
Mistakes that might have proved fatal
Are gifts I now receive

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  1. What a powerful song and I see why that photograph came to your mind when you heard it! I will have to try to think of a snapshot and a song for the next time! :)

  2. Awesome choice of song and perfect photo!
    Talk about kindred spirit! I LOVE May Sarton!! She is one of my favourite poets/authors!
    Thanks for coming up with this LeAnne...I can't wait until next week!


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