Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flower Art Friday # 22 - September 21, 2012

sulpur butterfly

Welcome to the 22nd Flower Art Friday! The gallery opens early Thursday morning and stays open until midnight on Saturday.

Todays' image was shot on my back deck. These flowers have attracted a variety of butterflies as well as the hummingbirds I posted about yesterday. The texture is a freebie from RH West Photography (True Grit)

Now for last week's winners.


Anna of Fotoanna-photography

Deanna of Snippets from Springdale

Congratulations winners! Grab your badge!


Before we get this party started, here's just a quick reminder of the rules before we begin.

Flower Art Friday is a weekly gallery featuring your floral themed creations. We will have themes from time to time, but these will only be suggestions and you may feel free to deviate if you like. Obviously the theme revolves around flowers,and works submitted can be photos, digitally manipulated photos, textured photos, or mixed media collages.

Check out my resources page for information on some great sites that provide free textures, clip art, and tutorials.

The rules are pretty simple. Your link should go directly to your blog post or flickr post, and I ask that you post a link back to my blog in return. Post only your original work, and give credit appropriately to the source of images, clip art, or textures you may use in your piece. It would be awesome if you would grab my badge and include it in your post.


You also get to vote for your favorites. I will feature the top three picks on my blog next week, so if you participate please note that you are also giving me permission to repost your photo here. I will also be sending you a little email reminder to come back and vote and when the winners are posted.

Ok, let's link up!

Today's Linkups

Photo Art Friday


  1. Good Morning LeAnne,
    I feel so honored to have been one of this week's winners. Also a big thanks for all that voted for my photo. I do not have a blog and thus use Flickr. I didn't realize that my settings were so exclusive. Can you tell me what I need to change at Flickr---in case I should be so lucky again?

    1. I captured it and uploaded it for you. If this is not ok, let me know. You may not want to change your flickr permission. Congrats!

    2. Thanks so much LeAnne.
      Again, thank so much to all those that voted for my photo.

  2. Stunning photo! Congrats to the winners!

  3. Hi LeAnne,
    I'm so happy to be one of the week's winners this week and
    I want to thank everyone that has voted for my photo! :))))
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna ❀

  4. A beautiful image there, gorgeous use of my texture, thank you for using it :)

  5. Thank you so much for your votes...I always consider it an honor to be chosen among so many beautiful entries each week. Thank you LeAnne for hosting this beautiful link-up.

  6. Beautiful - such warm, rich tones.

  7. Amazing color and tones -- I love that the butterfly blends in with the flower and background. Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful and truly spellbinding.....and all such magical photos!
    Visiting for FPA

  9. Beautiful images - especially the closeups.The processing in the second one is great. And the first one would be perfect for Mandarin Orange Monday (reopening tomorrow night) :)

  10. These flowers are really awesome. Pleasing to the eyes:)

  11. LeAnne, you are doing such a great work with your photos. I simply don't understand how it is possible - you are one of the best on the Net I have met. Thanks a bunch for everything :-D

    Kind regards

    my contribution

  12. Absolutely stunning work with the butterfly,- love the composition! I saw your hummingbird work at WBW, and I'm so impressed!

  13. The light and the colours in this shot is beautiful!

  14. I am a bit confused, it looks like there are 2 weeks added here???... anyway .. I have given my vote once more ;)


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