Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Law of Attraction


The flowers that I most recently put out on my deck have been attracting the attention of local hummingbirds. Unfortunately, each time I tried to capture them with my camera I scared them off.

So, I decided to head to Lowes and buy a hummingbird feeder to hang in my tree just off my deck. Almost immediately after it was secured to the branches of the crabapple tree, word went out on the hummingbird twitter feed that sweet treats awaited them in my side yard.

I captured a few good shots off my deck, but I wanted to see if I could get closer.


After positioning myself in a chair at the foot of the tree, I was able to get several sweet shots of these little guys whose love for this glorious red liquid far outweighed any fear they had of me.

Hummingbird breakfast

I see them every morning now and my supply of nectar seems to be holding out pretty well considering how often these hummers are bellying up to the bar.

Some blue jays came to visit as well, attracted to something on the ground at the foot of the nearby pine trees. This got me to thinking that I might just need to convert this portion of my yard into a little bird amusement park with additional feeders, attracting plants and flowers, and a bird bath.

It has been awhile since I've had something to share with World Bird Wednesday. So long, in fact, that I did not know that it has now been taken over by another blogger and has been renamed "Wild Bird Wednesday." I'm so happy there is still a place to share birds when I catch them. :)

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  1. That is a beautiful hummingbird feeder! They do get used to you after awhile and allow photographs. Love these guys. Sweet shots. Visiting from WBW.

  2. Sensational pics!!! Love the shots!

  3. Spectacular shots LeAnne!! I LOVE hummingbirds and what a great idea to put a feeder in a camera friendly location!! ..and such a gorgeous feeder! I am heading to Lowes NOW!! (even though I sadly won't be seeing any hummingbirds until next year now...) LeAnne, I also love your wonderful sense of humour as it shines through in your posts! Have to admit that I laughed right out loud at that "bellying up to the bar" comment!

  4. These are beautiful shots! I just love the tone of them.
    Glad you joined us again.

  5. Beautiful shots Leanne. I haven't caught the hummers this summer...they are quicker than ever!

  6. Oh these colors are just gorgeous.

  7. Great photos of the birds and the feeder which looks beautiful with the light shining through it.

  8. Wie wunderschööön ♥

  9. I love the golden tones and bokeh in these photos. Beautiful shots.

  10. These shots are just awesome...the coloring is perfect for the subject.

  11. Great pictures! I love the second one. Hummers are pretty bold little creatures for their size (of course, I guess few things can capture them).

  12. Wonderful pictures - I may have said this before, but I find it hard to believe people get these birds in their yards! Remarkable!

    Thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Australia

  13. I am going to try next year. Too cold now but I did put out regular bird seed, makes wonderful photos!


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