Sunday, September 23, 2012

Snapshot & A Song - Poor Butterfly

poor butterfly

I'm gonna kick it old school here with a song that was written in 1916 and inspired by the opera Madam Butterfly. It later became an American standard performed by multiple artists including Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Julie Andrews.

Today, I'm feeling a bit blocked for words so I'm going to dispense with the reflective writing and leave you with this lovely rendition by Sarah Vaughan.

Lyrics by John Golden

Poor butterfly
’neath the blossoms waiting
Poor butterfly
For she loved him so
The moments pass into hours
The hours pass into years
And as she smiles through her tears
She murmurs low
The moon and i
Know that he’ll be faithful
I’m sure he’ll come back
By and by
But if he don’t come back
I just must die
Poor butterfly

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snapshot and a song


  1. Great photo and an even better song! I love music from this time, just because there was so much meaning in music lyrics during this period!

  2. WOW!! Love that song! and your photo is so incredibly perfect for it! addition to being a great shot in it's own right! Nice work LeAnne!

  3. Beautiful shot! I love the warm, autumn colors.


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