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Flower Art Friday #25 - October 12, 2012


Today's image isn't exactly flower art, but there are flowers in it. :) You may (or may not) have noticed that I've been a little absent from the blogosphere lately and part of the reason for that was a lovely visit I enjoyed with my youngest son and his precious bride this past weekend. Aren't they adorable?

family pic

They have a new pup named Summit (after the famous U.T. Basketball coach, Pat Summit) and wanted a "family portrait." I also took the opportunity to get shots of the "cousins" grandogs Summit and Crockett for the Happiest Hounds of Middle Tennessee book I'm shooting and designing for the benefit of Happy Tales Humane.

We had a wonderful time with them and capped the weekend off with an early birthday dinner for my mom, where I got to practice my newly acquired pasta making skills and indulge in a little tablescaping. I'm so proud of myself in that there are NO NEW DISHES in this setting. I am amazed at my restraint (but honestly, I didn't have time to shop. LOL)

Mom's birthday dinner. Table is set.

The book along with a web project I'm trying to wrap up before I board a plane to the long awaited Shutter Sisters Oasis experience are consuming most of my time and energy. The next couple of weeks are going to be extra chaotic as I'm pressing to finish these projects, along with making myself a tutu (more on that after Oasis).

After missing my Snapshot & A Song Linky and being unable to find time to create some flower art for this week, I decided that something has to give. So, I'm going on a little hiatus until after Oasis and this will be the last linky in October.

Flower Art Friday will be back in business November 1st and I'd like to challenge everyone to be on the look out for some beautiful fall color and share it with us then. Foliage is fine, too. After all, "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" says Albert Camus

I captured this lovely bouquet of "flowers" in my office parking lot this morning. This image and the tablescape were both captured with my new (yea!) iPhone 5! That said, you'll probably be seeing quite a bit iphonography here in the months to come.


Those of you from "Down Under" are probably getting some lovely spring flowers right about now, but please join anyway. Yellow, red and orange flowers would be lovely compliments in a fall themed gallery. But, we are loosey goosey with the rules here, so do what you like. :)

I'll post the winners from this week's linkup at that time.

Ok, now for last week's winners - all pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!




Congratulations winners! Grab your badge!


Before we get this party started, here's just a quick reminder of the rules before we begin.

Flower Art Friday is a weekly gallery featuring your floral themed creations. We will have themes from time to time, but these will only be suggestions and you may feel free to deviate if you like. Obviously the theme revolves around flowers,and works submitted can be photos, digitally manipulated photos, textured photos, or mixed media collages.

Check out my resources page for information on some great sites that provide free textures, clip art, and tutorials.

The rules are pretty simple. Your link should go directly to your blog post or flickr post, and I ask that you post a link back to my blog in return. Post only your original work, and give credit appropriately to the source of images, clip art, or textures you may use in your piece. It would be awesome if you would grab my badge and include it in your post.


You also get to vote for your favorites. I will feature the top three picks on my blog next week, so if you participate please note that you are also giving me permission to repost your photo here. I will also be sending you a little email reminder to come back and vote and when the winners are posted.

Ok, let's link up!


  1. That's a great shot of your son and his wife - you're an excellent photographer!
    Have a nice time!

  2. They are a beautiful couple. And the pups are fsb!

  3. love the family portrait. and the tree is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful fall colours, that tree is amazing! It's good to have quality family time, those dogs are so adorable :)

  5. Lovely couple! Congrats to the winners and thanks for hosting.

  6. Enjoy your hiatus LeAnne. I thought you must be busy, due to lack of posts and also calling this one November 12th. Your youngest son and his bride look wonderfully happy. What a great time you must have had together.

    1. I never noticed til you mentioned it. I must be getting wayyyy ahead of myself. Changed it :)

  7. Your photos are really wonderful!! I especially like the last one!

  8. I HAVE missed you and am glad to hear you are well and busy! Love the family portrait! What a sweet, sweet puppy and lovely couple! That tree shot is also spectacular! Enjoy your weekend and thank you for the time and effort you put into these challenges that allow us to practice and improve our skills! (I am working on my Snapshot & a Song photo next!!)

  9. Summit and family are adorable! A very good reason leave the blogging world to simmer. Your project sounds incredible- do you sleep!? We will miss you - but enjoy. Cannot wait to hear all about it. xo teri

  10. Oh they are both adorable, the pups and the couple - glad you were able to visit with them. Have fun at Oasis, I'm so jealous!

  11. Family time is special, I'm glad you had the opportunity. The shots are adorable! Have a great, inspiring time at Shutter Sisters! and we'll see you in a month!

  12. Wonderful pictures, so golden light! Beautiful couple and I like the sweet pups.

  13. And congrats to the winners! They are stunning pictures.

  14. Hermosa familia, incluído el perro!Esas son las cosas buenas para disfrutar! Muy buenas todas las fotos!Saludos!!

  15. That's really strange. Voting closed Monday at midnight and up to then it was working. I'm not seeing the final tally.will look into it.


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