Friday, October 26, 2012

Hanging Over


It was nearly 2:00 a.m this morning when the plane that was bringing me home from a week of fun in the sun with the Shutter Sisters at the 2012 Oasis gathering touched down.

Naturally, I slept in and woke feeling a bit hungover from all the creative, emotional, social, and intellectual stimulation all mixed together in an environment vastly different from my own day to day world. It was quite a cocktail, I will tell you that. It kicked my butt (in a good way, of course).

With no food in my pantry and quite hungry, I threw on some clothes and grabbed the copy of Artful Blogging that had been patiently waiting in my mailbox for my return and headed to Waffle House. I hear that's a good place to nurse a hangover - not that I would know anything about that.

After I'd slammed back the first of many cups of coffee, I was delightfully surprised to see frequent Flower Art Friday participant, Donna Heber, featured in the magazine. Congratulations Donna! I know you must be thrilled. The article was beautifully done.

Seeing as submitting my blog to Artful Blogging is on this mental list of "things I'd love to accomplish with blogging/photography," I saw it as an affirmation from the universe in my post-Oasis overwhelm. I don't feel ready yet, and I'm not even sure it will be with this blog, but one day maybe I will.

To mark the moment, I whipped out my still new iPhone and snapped a shot with the Cameramatic app I learned about at Oasis. It allows you to shoot square format images in higher resolutions than you can with instagram enabling you to do more things with the images than just sharing them in the IG community. (It also has some cool filters and frames as well)

Today's image represents day 6 of my new 365 project. Most of you who read this blog know what a 365 project is, but for those who might not it is simply a personal photography project where you take one photograph every day for a year.

There are many flavors of 365 projects and groups out there - some loosely structured and others more specific.

For my project, I'm going to use my iPhone exclusively and I'm not going to join a particular group with restrictions (such as self portraits only). Just one picture a day that says captures something about my day.

I've tried to do this before, but my record is something like 50ish days before I gave up. It should be easier with the iPhone. I had already intended to start one at the new year, but decided that starting with my first day at Oasis would be an even better point in time to anchor this project as I believe it was a turning point for me in many ways.

I may not blog about each and every 365 image, but I imagine that these photos will feature prominently in my blog in the coming year.

Much more will be written about my Oasis experience in the future, but it will take some time to assimilate the lessons as well as the photographs.

For now, it is good to be home albeit a bit overwhelming at the moment with so much to do in the coming weeks wrapping up projects so I can focus on some personal ones that I've been back-burnering for far too long.


  1. Welcome Back, LeAnne!! Missed you but thrilled that it sounds like your week was everything you'd hoped and more!! Looking forward to future 365 blog posts - have tried it and have also fizzled - I have a plan to start again in January - any tips from your experience would be appreciated!

  2. Welcome home, LeAnne!

    Good luck with your 365 project. I'm into the 3rd week of mine, and really hope to make it work. The best advice I have read so far is to be kind to yourself. If you don't get a photo every single day, just pick up again where you can. I like that idea...but I still plan to take photos each day.

    I didn't join a 365 group either. Keeping my eye open for prompts and projects to try, though. Just ideas that can keep it interesting.

    I love the look of this image you shared here, rather like an old tin type.

  3. Thanks for checking in so quickly, LeAnne, for us voyeurs! I look forward to hearing more about Oasis. Maybe I can make Shutter Sisters next year. I'm sure it was just amazing!!

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time!I keep telling myself to get involved in a 365 project. It's time to stop putting it off and do it. Looking forward to reading more about Oasis.

  5. So glad you had a good time it sounds wonderful I want to do 365 with no restrictions as well...

  6. Leanne it was such a pleasure meeting you at Shutter Sister camp and shooting those windmills that last day - wow!! I love this post and will look through your blog. I love artful blogging also and came home to my Click magazine from clicking moms - I love you photos. You inspire me. Peace love photography

  7. Hi LeAnne,

    It sounds like you had a fantastic trip! Thank you so much for your kind words and the shout out about my blog. I too hope to see you in Artful Blogging.


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