Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snapshot & a Song - Oasis Playlist

"Went to the desert on a mission
To have a vision or write a song...
Somethings gonna happen to change my world."
Palm Springs - Jill Sobule*

Before I went to Oasis, I created a playlist of songs for my morning walks and the plane. I like to do this for vacations or other special times that I'll want to evoke memories later as I reflect on my experience.

When chosing the songs I deliberately mix in old favorites, new music, and "themed" songs that fit with the occasion,and also try to choose songs that speak to whatever I might be going through personally at the moment.

This particular list also includes several artists who will be on the Cayamo music cruise I'm taking in January. I've indicated those with an asterisk.

California - Angel Snow

I Tried Going West - Mary Chapin Carpenter

Beautiful Dawn - The Wailin' Jennys

Love of our Lives - The Indigo Girls

Polaroids - Shawn Colvin*

Sunburn - Michelle Malone*

All This Time - Sara Watkins*

Down to You - Bonnie Raitt

Roll Like a Big Wheel - Joan Osborne*

Worth Fighting For - Sarah Siskind

Goin' Where Leavin' Takes Me - Liz Longley*

That's it for me this week. Before we link up, here's the rules.

  1. Please give credit to the songwriter and/or group - preferably with a link to their website
  2. Link to your blog post or flickr page, not simply to your blog.  
  3. Tell us a little bit about your image and the meaning the song holds for you (more of a guideline than a rule, but it would be nice if you would
  4. Include a link back to my blog, and using my badge would be especially cool

snapshot and a song

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