Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

I'm fairly certain I know when I was bitten by the shutter bug and my condition seems to be worsening over time. There appears to be no cure for this itch. The only therapy that has worked so far is a series of shots. Even then, the relief is only temporary.

Not that I’m complaining. I’ll happily keep taking those shots for as long as I live. Photography has brought me many hours of joy, relaxation and preserved for all time my most precious memories. Photography for me is as much a spiritual practice as it is a technical one, providing me with new perspectives, connections, and insights.

An additional and unexpected gift that has come from all this is that of community.  Through flickr, and sites like Shutter Sisters, I've met many talented, inspiring, and encouraging folks whose talent is only exceeded by their generosity in sharing their gifts and knowledge with the world.

I want more of those type of people in my life.    So, one of the primary purposes of this blog is to connect with others through my two favorite creative outlets – writing and photography.   I wanted a place where I could take my participation in this community to a deeper level than I can through blog comments or flickr feedback.  Much of what you see posted here is probably in response to a prompt or challenge from some other site, but I'm sure I'll be sharing inspiration from my everyday offline life as well. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then to what would a picture plus a thousand words amount? I’ve never been good at math, but I think it might add up to something.

Picture the Holidays Day 7 - Express Yourself
Just another chick
with a blog
just the facts

I'm a forty something single (divorced) female, with a decent job, reliable transportation, a house, a couple of handsome grown up boys, a lovely daughter-in-law and an adorable grand-dog named Crockett.  A southern girl through and through, I was born and raised in Atlanta, and now make Nashville my home.

hobbies and interests

Reading, writing, photography, graphic design, cooking, gardening and home improvement are my primary interests. I enjoy walking and being out in nature as often as I can. Another favorite activity is listening to  guys and/or girls with guitars in small venues playing their own stuff. Folk, Americana, and pop rock are my favorite music genres although I can find something to like in just about any type of music there is. I like my music live and/or loud, and love to sing along - especially in the car or while doing dishes.

idiosyncracies & other charms

My nickname growing up was Grace because I was the exact opposite of graceful. Perhaps its because I am only 5'2" and have size 10 feet. I cannot pour a cup of coffee without spilling it to save my life and seem incapable of making it from the coffee pot to the sofa without little drops of coffee trailing behind me. Trust me, I try. I really do. 

Ever ready with a quote from a book, quotable person, or a song lyric, I often inspire eye rolling among my friends and family when I start in with "I read this book..."  We'll be talking lots about books I've read, song lyrics and quotable people here. LOTS.  Roll your eyes if you want.  I'm used to it.


Astrologically speaking, I'm a Cancer and the shoe fits quite well. If you ask Myers-Briggs, I'm an INFP. On the enneagram, I'm a solid four. At work, they call me "She Who Must Be Obeyed."

In terms of religion, I can best be described as a Christian, but that can be a loaded and misleading label. I go to church, but consider myself to be more spiritual than religious. In spite of my fundamentalist and ultra-conservative religious heritage, I am open to all manner of spiritual thought and practice.  In my writing you will find I've been heavily influenced by Buddhism, Emersonian Transcendentalism,  Christian mystics and contemplatives. My spirituality is deeply personal and I often find it easier to write about it than talk about it, so some of what I may write here might even be surprising to those who know me best.

but I digress...

This is, first and foremost a blog about photography and a means for me to connect with others with a similar interests. So, let me just say for now that I'm pleased you have read this far and I hope you'll find something here that makes you want to come back and visit again and often.

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